AvRisk System

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System Overview

AvRisk provides clients with services and tools that are custom designed to meet their specific needs. These include but are not limited to:

  • ADS-B and FANS 1/A (Next Gen) Avionics Advisory

  • Aircraft Inspections

  • Appraisals (ASA/USPAP-compliant)

  • Borrower / Lessee Default Management Advisory

  • End of Term Services Technical Management Services

  • Hourly Cost Maintenance Programs Advisory

  • Lessor Default Management Advisory

  • Maintenance Advisory

  • Management Company Evaluations

  • On-site Aircraft Sale Representation

  • Operations Advisory

  • Pre-buy Due Diligence Representation

  • Records and Logbooks Reviews

  • Risk Management & Operations Safety Advisory

Frequently Asked Questions

General and Service Questions

AvRisk Assists Lenders and Lessor with the management of aircraft assets in their Aviation portfolios. Using Propriety Software solutions customized for each client, we provide you with instant access via a SSL interconnection, around the clock access to the data on your aircraft, formatted in easy to navigate dashboards that are customized to your specifications. You also have complete access to the source data for presentation within your organization, to outside auditors or regulatory organizations. Our systems provide an Early Warning System for potential default situations based on a predetermined matrix so you can address potential issues before they become problems.
We provide a combination of more than 30 years of international aviation lending experience with technical experts that have intimate knowledge of the specific types of aircraft that you are leasing or lending against. With the collateral risk reduction provided by AvRisk, you can confidently grow your lending business into new markets, increasing your revenue and profit margins. Our philosophy is to help our clients help their clients be more successful in their business aircraft operations by providing our clients with suggestions on how to reduce costs and exposure for the Borrower/Lessee.
An aircraft can dramatically degrade in condition in as little as 90 days. AvRisk tracks the status, operations and maintenance work on a monthly basis so you can be confident that the aircraft is flying as authorized and being properly maintained. We still recommend that the aircraft and records be physically inspected and evaluated at least every other year.
AvRisk was founded on the principal that reducing aircraft collateral value risk provided financing organization with benefits that exceed simply reducing collateral value risk. 1) Lower loan loss reserves, 2) early warning of default, 3) assists in allowing for new growth opportunities, 4) provides current summary reports for all data related to the aircraft so you can provide regulators or anyone within your organization with virtually any information that they might desire, 5) and technical expertise to constantly evaluate the status and condition of the aircraft.
You certainly can, but two questions come up; 1) will you consistently and continuously gather the necessary data and perform the analysis? and 2) what will it cost you to acquire the necessary talent, systems and expertise to replicate those of AvRisk?
AvRisk was founded to provide Aviation Lenders and Lessors with a range of customized asset management services that are designed to protect the collateral value of their assets throughout the term of the transaction.
AvRisk provides its clients with proactive asset management services for Aircraft financiers that wish to have ready access to current data on all aspects of the status, operations and maintenance of portfolio aircraft and gain a specialized level of technical expertise for these highly complex assets.
AvRisk employs certified Airframe and Power plant mechanics (in many cases with Inspector certifications) to review and monitor the records.
It sure does. Establishing a new aircraft allows for the accurate recordation of all information related to the aircraft from Day One. Component warranties have different inception dates and terms. If an aircraft were to be taken out of service and not preserved in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements, these warranties will be voided, dramatically impacting the value of the aircraft. We can assist your client in determining the best maintenance schedule for their operation, resulting in significant cost savings. If you enroll all of your aircraft with AvRisk, you will have total uniformity in data reporting and portfolio exposure analysis.
Yes. AvRisk began as Craig Research, a dedicated consulting firm. We are happy to discuss specific engagements and provide you with our thoughts and suggestions before entering into a formal consulting engagement.
Simply email us at info@avrisk.net or call 248-677-6641 and we will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.


Contract and Pricing Questions

Each AvRisk client has different needs and resources. We structure our Asset Management Services around those and propose a solution that provides tangible value to our clients and their clients as well. Our services are contracted for by specific individual aircraft.
There is an initial one-time Enrollment Fee of $1,500 to establish your account and create the customized data “Dashboards” and a monthly fee which varies and is based on the level of services you desire and the age and complexity of the aircraft.
Our standard contract term is twelve months but we will go out as far as thirty-six months upon client request.
We always work with our clients to make sure that they are completely satisfied with AvRisk. If we are not successful in our efforts, the agreement can be cancelled after six months with 30 days prior written notice.
Under a loan agreement with no renewal provision, the contract with AvRisk would expire and all data gathered and summary reports would be sent to the financial institution. Under a Lease agreement, the contract would remain in place so long as the agreement was in full force and effect and renewed by the client.